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Kabau Application

Message par Kabau le Sam 28 Avr 2007 - 14:45

Where are you from ?

How old are you ? 16/17

Do you have ventrilo ?

Do you have a microphone ?
Yes, clear mic.

Do you have good understanding of English?

What rank was your last guild ?
[TT] Thunder Team R66 S1, R69 S2
[PvE] We Hate PvE Rtop100, i forgot
[EaSy] Empty Skillbars, R27.

Did you play in the main team in GvG?

Why did you leave your last guild ?

What is your personal rank from playing tombs and how much champ points you got?
R6, didnt play much obv Razz

If your not European can you be available from 7pm Gmt time?
I am european, and i can, though i expect GvG time will change 4 u since the upcoming automated tournaments...

Added Info:
Professions: Mid-liners, my usual role.
Runner, played considerably, for all my guilds, which i am compitent at.

IGN, Holy Kabau

Just copy and pasted a prev app since i cant read urs
i cant read french so i had no idea where to post this ^_^ sorry.


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